GE3V17049 The Cultural Cold War

Class 3 Public Diplomacy in Western & Eastern Europe

In this class we want to discuss the source material. How do the primary sources stack  up against what you have learnt in the module?

Assignment & Readings

Next step: Discussion with team member



  • SOURCE 1: Drakulic, Slavenka. Cafe Europa: Life After Communism. New York: Penguin Books, 1999, 6-13. (7pp).

Is Slavenka Drakulic ispired by U.S. consumer culture? 

  • SOURCE 2: Kennan, George F. American Diplomacy 1900-1950. Toronto and New York NY: The New American Library, 1951, 129-154 (25pp).

What does Kennan say about Propaganda?


  • SOURCE 3: Pamphlet, ‘Atomic Power for Peace’, 1953 

Does this pamphlet confirm Osgoods research?

  • SOURCE 4: Wagnleitner, Reinhold. “The Empire of the Fun, or Talkin’ Soviet Union Blues: The Sound of Freedom and U.S. Cultural Hegemony in Europe.” Diplomatic History 23, no. 3 (1999): 499–524. (25pp)

Does Wagnleitner fall into the school of Cultural Imperialism?


Source 1 Team A H J Q F P

Source 2 Team B I K G N O

Source 3 Team C L F P

Source 4 Team D M E  G