GE3V17049 The Cultural Cold War

Class 2 Soft Power and Americanization

What do these case-studies tell us about the power of culture?

Apply the concepts from the literature, Soft power, free floating signifiers, Cultural imperialism, on the different cases and post your response on Blackboard: Describe the case? Write if this is an example of cultural imperialism, soft power etc.? Why? 

Assignment & Readings


CASE 1:  Obama


Case 1 Team A H J Q

Case 2 Team B I K

Case 3 Team C L

Case 4 Team D M

Case 5 Team E N

Case 6 Team F O

Case 7 Team G P

CASE 2:  The Simpsons

CASE 3:  Westerns

CASE 4:  Starbucks

CASE 5:  Hamburgers

CASE 6:  How to Read Donald Duck, 1971

Also check blackboard voor the text: 

CASE 7: Coca Cola