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Review of ‘Colonial Impotence. Virtue and Violence in a Congolese Concession (1911–1940)’, forthcoming in Low Countries History Review

Review of “Veroverd bezet gekoloniseerd: Congo 1876-1914” by Mathieu Zana Etambala, Low Countries Historical Review, Vol. 136 No. 3 (2021) (

Review of ‘Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination by Getachew, Adom’ in History: The Journal of the Historical Society,  105, no. 366 (July 2020), 540-542.

Review of ‘The Cold War: a World History’ by Odd Arne Westad, in History: The Journal of the Historical Society, 104, no. 360, (March 2019), 387-389.

H-Diplo Book Review of “African Political thought: An Intellectual History of the Quest for Freedom” by Stephan Chan, forthcoming on H-Diplo.

  • H-Diplo Roundtable Review of “Cold Wars: Asia, the Middle East, Europe” by Lorenz M. Lüthi, H-Diplo Roundtable Review, 10 November 2021 ( (with: Andrew Preston, Lloyd Gardner, Artemy Kalinovsky, Valerie Zanier, Ketian Zhang and Lorenz Lüthi).

Introduction to ‘Alanna O’Malley, ‘The Diplomacy of Decolonisation: American, Britain and the United Nations during the Congo crisis 1960-1964’, Manchester University Press, 2018’, H-Diplo Roundtable Review, 8 April 2019 (

H-Diplo Review of ‘“Playing Cold War politics”: the cold war in Anglo-Kenyan relations in the 1960s by Poppy Cullen’, H-diplo Article Review, 25 July 2018 (

Introduction to H-Diplo Roundtable Review of “Postcolonial Security: Britain, France, and West Africa's Cold War” by Marco Wyss, H-Diplo Roundtable Review, 2 May 2022 ( (with: Poppy Cullen, Flavia Gasbarri, Gregory Mann, Sue Onslow and Marco Wyss).

Review of ‘Outside In: The Transnational Circuitry of US History’ by Preston, Andrew, and Doug Rossinow, eds., in History: The Journal of the Historical Society, 104, no. 361 (July 2019), 565-567.

‘Jason Parker, Hearts, Minds, Voices US Cold War Public Diplomacy and the Formation of the Third World, Oxford University Press, 2017’, H-Diplo Roundtable Review, 6 November 2017 (with: Nicholas Cull, Timothy Barney, Justin Hart, Elisabeth Leake).

Review of ‘Jimmy Carter in Africa: Race and the Cold War’ by Nancy Mitchell, in History: The Journal of the Historical Society, 102, no. 351 (July 2017), 545-547.

H-Diplo Review of ‘Two Roads to Belgrade: the United States, Great Britain, and the First Nonaligned Conference by Robert Rakove’, H-diplo Article Review, 13 November 2014 (

Review of ‘The Shock of America: Europe and the Challenge of the Century’ by Ellwood David, in European Review of History, 20, no. 5 (October 2013), 923-924.


Review of ‘the South African Gandhi: Stretcher-Bearer of Empire’ by Ashwin Desai and Goolam Vahed, in European Review of History, 24, no. 2 (March 2017), 333-334.

Review of ‘Stalin's Curse: Battling for Communism in War and Cold War’ by Robert Gellately, in European Review of History, 21, no. 5, (November 2014), 923-924.

Review of ‘Civil War and Reconstruction in Washington: Race and Radicalism’ by Robert Harrison, in European Review of History, 20, no. 2 (April 2013), 324-326.


Review of ‘Freedom Time: Negritude, Decolonization, and the Future of the World’ by Gary Wilder, in European Review of History, 23, no. 1-2 (April 2016), 315-316.

Review of ‘Interdoc. Een geheim netwerk in de Koude Oorlog’ by Giles Scott-Smith, in Low Countries Historical Review, 128, no. 3, (November 2013), URL:



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